Are women promoting sexism in men?

Earlier today I read this article in preparation for our presentation on Discrimination in our Professionalism and Ethics class on Wednesday morning, and it was pretty eye opening. 

Ruth Styles talks about the ‘benevolent’ sexism that women believe in and accept today. It is the somewhat old-fashioned view that a women must be love and cherished by a man, and rely on him for money and guidance. Benevolent sexism relates to when women are viewed as helpless and in need of protection from a man. 

It is interesting to read this, as we are in a world today where women are fiercely promoting equality with men and showing feminist attitudes, yet most still believe in the fairytale of being swept off their feet by Prince Charming and being love and looked after by him. Is this a way of women promoting hostile sexism in men, the misogynistic view that women are inferior? 

Although the world has moved on significantly in the last century, it is interesting to think that women’s belief in benevolent sexism may be far more damaging to our society than sexism directed at women by men. Women are becoming more independent, but we are not all self sufficient, and I definitely think we, as females, need to think more about how we promote sexism whilst we are also trying to defeat it. 


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